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Child Care Aware of America

Looking for an education center for your children?  Want an education center that has options to help with tuition costs?  Well look no further….Pilgrim Lutheran Education Center has you covered!  We are proud to say that we are now Child Care Aware of America Approved for all branches of the military!   Military families can apply with Child Care Aware of America for assistance with their Childcare needs!  Go to usa.childcareaware.org to find out more and get signed up. 

Link to CCA Homepage

Giving Back

One of the ways our Education Center helps teach our kids about giving is through our Chapel program.  Each month our kids have a specific item they bring in that the Bellevue Food Pantry is in need of.  During Chapel, our kids give back to the community by donating this item as an offering, which Pilgrim in turn delivers to the food pantry.  It’s a great lesson in being an active community member!

Mother/Child Superhero Event

In March, our Education Center hosted what we hope was a First Annual event, a Mother/Child Superhero theme.  Parents and children were welcomed into our gym with themed games, fun activities and great costumes.  This event was a fundraiser for our new playground, which we hope to have installed soon!  We took so many great photos, but here are some of them:sh1sh2sh5sh6sh8sh7